Our company has been on the market for several decades and, from one generation to another, we continue to innovate the production process of our wood doors and windows.
Our know-how enables us to address the needs of our clients and the challenges of the industry.

The clients we serve can count on our key strengths: high quality products, artisan tradition, constant innovation and flexible company management.
Our products are in line with CE quality standards.

In conjunction with technology, human capital plays a crucial role at our company.
Our employees are seasoned experts, who have growth with the company over the years.
For this reason, we can deliver customized products according to specific requirements.

New life to old doors and windows

Restoration works for windows and doors

We are professionals in the restoration of antique and modern wooden doors and windows.
We treat your doors and windows with extreme care and follow all the steps of the restoration process: grinding the wood, polishing, shaping, painting and installing restored products on site.

We nourish artisan tradition

Regulations and Certifications

Our products comply with all standard requirements set by European regulations in terms of quality, security and performances of windows, French windows and sliding doors:

  • UNI EN 12207 – Air permeability
  • UNI EN 12208 – Waterproof
  • UNI EN 12210 – Windproof
  • UNI EN ISO 10077-2 – Thermal insulation
  • UNI EN 14351-1 – Sound insulation

For window blinds:

  • UNI EN 13659 – Performances and security

According to the Construction Products Regulation and the CPR 305/2011, a declaration of performance (DoP) provides all the information about our CE marked products.

Customized products


Visiting our showroom is the best way to experience the quality and finishing touch of our products.
Here you can find a wide range of window frames, interior doors, window blinds and chose your preferred colours.